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Alabama Site Details
Site Name: Gateway Industrial Park East Site ID: 4449  
Street Address: 6524 State Highway 129 Additional Address:
Nearest City: Winfield Within City Limits? Yes Zip Code: 35594
County: Marion MSA: Lat/Long: 33.98600000 / -87.77250000
Within Enterprise Zone? No Within Renewal Community? No
Within HubZone? Within New Market Tax Credit Area?
Type of Site: Industrial
Located in Industrial Park? Park Name:
General Site Data
Total Acres: 100.00 Available Acres: 100.00 Additional Available? Yes
Largest Tract: 100 Smallest Tract: 5
Protective Covenants? Yes Phase 1 Environmental? Yes
Within Favored Geo Area? Yes
Preliminary Geotechnical Report? Yes Topography: Flat
Preliminary Wetlands Assessment? Yes Ecological Review (endangered species)? Yes
Cultural/Historical Resources Review? Yes Zoning:
Previous Use: Forest Description of Use:
Natural Gas: NW Alabama Gas District (< 1500ft) Size of Main: 6 in Main PSI: 300
Second Natural Gas:
Water: Winfield Water Works (< 1500ft) Size of Main: 8 in
Sewer: Winfield Water Works (< 1500ft) Size of Main: 8 in
Electric: Tombigbee Electric Co-op (existing)
Transmission? No Distance to Service:
Distribution? Yes Distance to Service:
Alt. Electric:
Specify if other:

Specify if other:

Fiber Optics? Yes Redundancy? Yes
Interstate Miles to Access
US Highway Miles to Access Four-Laned?
State Highway Miles to Access Four-Laned?

Rail Service: Track Status: Not Available
Rail Service #2: Track Status: Not Available
Navigable Waterway: Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Dock Facility: Port 26 to 50 miles
Nearest Commercial Air City: Miles to Service: 75
Nearest Municipal Air City: Hamilton Miles to Service: 25.0
Sale Price: $9500.00 per acre Lease Rate: $ Negotiable? Yes Date Quoted 12/27/2018
Price Comments: Price is negotiable depending on the type and number of jobs created.
Current Park Tenants
Former Gateway Industrial Park East
Area Amenities
LOCATED IN AN OPPORTUNITY ZONE. Contact David Thornell email: or call (205)468-3213